lunes, 27 de mayo de 2013

What is Fashion Week?

Fashion week is an event organized by the fashion industry that lasts about a week, In which presents the latest collection of different designers or brands . The fashion weeks most important and that they have been taking place in the fashion capitals are  Paris, New York, Milan, Madrid, London and Tokyo.

where they perform? And when?

The fashion weeks that take place in major capitals. From January to March, where designers show their autumn-winter and spring-summer. The fashion weeks should be made months before the season to give manufacturers time to give a sample of their creations for the next season.
The calendar begins with the Fashion Week in New York, followed by London, later, that of Madrid. The penultimate in the fashion week is in Milan and ends with the Fashion Week in Paris.

Where was celebrated the first week of fashion?

In 1943, the first New York Fashion Week was held, with one main purpose: to distract attention from French fashion during World War II, when workers in the fashion industry were unable to travel to Paris.

The fashion publicist Eleanor Lambert, was the organizer of an event called Week Editorial, where American designers, who previously had rejected their creations, showed their collections to fashion journalists.

Why I chose this topic? 

I chose this topic because  I think it's really interesting to know what was their purpose for creating fashion weeks. Also, I really love fashion and I think that every girl loves it too. And with searching information about fashion weeks now I learned more than what I knew before. I believe this topic is not really important for everyone but, the most important thing is that I really like it.

How I did it?

First I looked for information about the "Fashion Week". when I found the information I needed to pass it in on a sheet from a notebook.Sometimes the information was in Spanish so, I needed to translated in English Finally, when I corrected all, I pass it to the blog.